Labelary - ZPL在线浏览调试转换以及ZPL文档

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ZPL 是许多标签打印机使用的打印语言。其打印语言是一组命令,可用于绘制文本、形状、条形码和图像等元素,组合这些元素,最后打印它们。



Labelary 支持在线ZPL调试,提供所见即所得模式,提供ZPL转PNG,ZPL转PDF等。



Labelary - ZPL在线浏览调试转换以及ZPL文档



Labelary - ZPL在线浏览调试转换以及ZPL文档




^A font, height, width Set font for current field
^A@ orientation, height, width, path Use font name to call font
^B0 orientation, magnification, eci, size, readerInit, symbols, id Aztec bar code (alternate command: ^BO)
^B1 orientation, checkDigit, height, line, lineAbove Code 11 bar code
^B2 orientation, height, line, lineAbove, checkDigit Interleaved 2 of 5 bar code
^B3 orientation, checkDigit, height, line, lineAbove Code 39 bar code
^B4 orientation, heightMultiplier, line, mode Code 49 bar code
^B5 orientation, height, line, lineAbove Planet Code bar code
^B7 orientation, rowHeight, security, columns, rows, truncate PDF417 bar code
^B8 orientation, height, line, lineAbove EAN-8 bar code
^B9 orientation, height, line, lineAbove, checkDigit UPC-E bar code
^BA orientation, height, line, lineAbove, checkDigit Code 93 bar code
^BB orientation, height, security, columns, rows, mode Codablock bar code
^BC orientation, height, line, lineAbove, checkDigit, mode Code 128 bar code
^BD mode, position, total UPS MaxiCode bar code
^BE orientation, height, line, lineAbove EAN-13 bar code
^BF orientation, rowHeight, mode MicroPDF417 bar code
^BI orientation, height, line, lineAbove Industrial 2 of 5 bar code
^BJ orientation, height, line, lineAbove Standard 2 of 5 bar code
^BK orientation, checkDigit, height, line, lineAbove, startChar, stopChar ANSI Codabar bar code
^BL orientation, height, lineAbove LOGMARS bar code
^BM orientation, checkDigitType, height, line, lineAbove, checkDigit MSI bar code
^BO orientation, magnification, eci, size, readerInit, symbols, id Aztec bar code (alternate command: ^B0)
^BP orientation, checkDigit, height, line, lineAbove Plessey bar code
^BQ orientation, model, magnification, errorCorrection, mask QR Code bar code (model 2 only; no mixed mode or Kanji)
^BR orientation, type, magnification, sepHeight, height, segWidth GS1 DataBar (RSS) bar code
^BS orientation, height, line, lineAbove UPC/EAN extension
^BT orientation, width, widthRatio, height, narrowWidth, rowHeight TLC 39 bar code
^BU orientation, height, line, lineAbove, checkDigit UPC-A bar code
^BX orientation, height, quality, columns, rows, format, escape, ratio Data Matrix bar code (quality 200 only)
^BY width, widthRatio, height Bar code field defaults
^BZ orientation, height, line, lineAbove, type Postal bar code
^CC caret Change caret (alternate command: ~CC)
^CD delim Change delimiter (alternate command: ~CD)
^CF fontName, height, width Change default font
^CI charset, src1, dest1, src2, dest2, ... Change encoding (charsets 0-13, 15, 27, 28, 31, 33-36 only)
^CM bAlias, eAlias, rAlias, aAlias, multiple Change memory letter designation
^CN override Cut now
^CO on, kilobytes, type Cache on
^CP mode Remove label
^CT tilde Change tilde (alternate command: ~CT)
^CV validate Code validation (use the Labelary linter instead)
^CW fontName, path Set font identifier
~DB path, orient, height, width, base, space, chars, copyright, data Download bitmap font
~DE path, tableSize, data Download encoding
^DF path Download format
~DG path, totalBytes, rowBytes, data Download graphics
~DN Abort download graphics
~DS path, size, data Download scalable font
~DT path, size, data Download TrueType font
~DU path, size, data Download unbounded TrueType font
~DY path, format, extension, totalBytes, rowBytes, data Download objects (extensions G, B, P and T only)
~EG Erase all graphics (alternate command: ^EG)
^FB maxWidth, maxLines, lineSpacing, alignment, hangingIndent Field block
^FC indicator1, indicator2, indicator3 Field clock
^FD data Field data
^FH hexIndicator Field hexadecimal indicator
^FL extensionPath, basePath, link Font link
^FM x1, y1, x2, y2, ... Field multiple origin locations
^FN fieldNumber Field number
^FO x, y, alignment Field origin
^FP direction, characterSpacing Field parameter
^FR Field reverse print
^FS Field separator (alternate command: 0x0F)
^FT x, y, alignment Field typeset
^FV data Field variable
^FW orientation, alignment Field orientation
^FX comment Comment
^GB width, height, thickness, color, rounding Graphic box
^GC diameter, thickness, color Graphic circle
^GD width, height, thickness, color, orientation Graphic diagonal line
^GE width, height, thickness, color Graphic ellipse
^GF format, dataBytes, totalBytes, rowBytes, data Graphic field
^GS orientation, height, width Graphic symbol
~HB Battery status
~HD Head diagnostic
^HF path Host format
^HG path Host graphic
^HH Configuration label return
~HI Host identification
^HL Send RFID data log to host (alternate command: ~HL)
~HM Host RAM status
~HQ query Host query
^HR prefix, suffix, start, end, antennaSelection Calibrate RFID tag position
~HS Host status return
^HT Host linked font list
~HU Host alert configuration
^HV fieldNumber, bytes, prefix, suffix, mode Host verification
^HW path, format Host directory list
^HY path Upload graphics
^HZ selector, path, longFilenames Display description information
^ID path Delete object
^IL path Image load
^IM path Image move
^IS path, print Image save
~JA Cancel all
^JB device Initialize flash memory
~JB Reset optional memory
~JC Set media sensor calibration
~JD Enable communications diagnostics
~JE Disable communications diagnostics
~JF pause Set battery condition
~JG Graphing sensor calibration
^JH settings Set early warning settings
^JI path, console, echo, memory Start ZBI (alternate command: ~JI)
^JJ opMode, appMode, signalMode, errMode, reprintMode, ribbonMode Set auxiliary port
~JL Set label length
^JM adjustment Set print density
~JN Head test fatal
~JO Head test not fatal
~JP Pause and cancel format
~JQ Stop ZBI
~JR Power on reset
^JS sensor Sensor select
~JS sequence Change backfeed sequence
^JT interval, manual, first, last Set head test interval
^JU configuration Configuration update
^JW tension Set ribbon tension
~JX Cancel current format
^JZ reprint Reprint after error
~KB Kill battery
^KC enable, device, prefix, identifier Set DHCP client ID
^KD format Select date and time format
^KL language Select language
^KN name, description Set printer name
^KP password Set password
^KV cutAmount, cutMargin, presentType, presentTimeout, loopLen Kiosk values
^LF List font links
^LH x, y Label home
^LL length Label length
^LR reverse Label reverse print
^LS distance Label shift
^LT distance Label top
^MA type, print, threshold, frequency, units Maintenance alerts
^MC clear Map clear
^MD darknessModifier Modify darkness
^MF powerupAction, closingAction Media feed
^MI type, message Adjust maintenance information message
^ML maxLength Set max label length
^MM mode, prepeel Print mode
^MN media, offset Media tracking
^MP function Mode protection
^MT mediaType Media type
^MU units, baseDpi, desiredDpi Set units of measurement
^MW enable Modify head cold warning
^NB check Set network boot print server check
^NC device Set primary network device
~NC networkId Network connect
^ND device, res, ip, mask, gateway, wins, timeout, secs, arp, port Modify network settings
^NI networkId Network ID number
^NN name, contact, location, getCommunity, setCommunity, trapCommunity Configure SNMP
^NP device Set primary device
~NR Set all network printers transparent
^NS res, ip, mask, gateway, wins, timeout, secs, arp, port Modify wired network settings
~NT Set current printer transparent
^NT server, domain Configure SMTP
^NW timeout Set password timeout
^PA defaultGlyph, bidi, charShaping, openTypeSupport Advanced text properties
^PF rows Slew rows
^PH Slew to home position (alternate command: ~PH)
~PL length Additional present length
^PM mirror Print mirror image
~PM serialNumber, wipeCount Decommission printer
^PN length Present now
^PO orientation Print orientation
^PP Programmable pause (alternate command: ~PP)
^PQ labels, labelsBetweenPauses, replicates, noPause, cutOnError Print quantity
^PR printSpeed, slewSpeed, backfeedSpeed Print rate
~PR Applicator reprint
~PS Print start
^PW width Print width
^RA fieldNumber, format, retries, motion, byteType Read RFID AFI or DSFID byte
^RB totalBits, partition1, partition2, ... , partition16 Configure RFID EPC data structure
^RE enable, retries Enable RFID EAS bit
^RF operation, format, passwordOrBlock, bytes, memoryBank Read or write RFID data (write operations only)
^RI fieldNumber, order, retries, motion Read RFID tag ID
^RL lockAction, p1, p2, epcOp, userOp Lock and unlock RFID tag memory
^RM enable Configure RFID motion
^RN enable Configure RFID multiple tag detection
~RO counter Reset counter
^RQ format, chipType, option Write RFID EPC data and passwords
^RR retries, adaptive Configure RFID retries and adaptive antenna
^RS type, pos, voidLen, labels, onError, signal, deprecated, voidSpeed Configure RFID
^RT fieldNumber, startBlock, blocks, format, retries, motion, mode Read RFID tag
^RU prefix, escapeChar Read RFID tag ID
~RV enable Configure RFID reporting
^RW readPower, writePower, antennaElement Configure RFID power levels
^RZ password, passwordType, lockType Set RFID tag password
^SC baud, wordBits, parity, stopBits, mode, protocol Set serial communications
~SD darkness Set darkness
^SE path Select encoding
^SF mask, increment Serialized field
^SI setting, value Set sensor intensity
^SL mode, language Set RTC mode and language
^SN start, increment, pad Serialized data
^SO clock, months, days, years, hours, minutes, seconds Set RTC offset
^SP row Start print
^SQ condition, destination, halt Halt alert
^SR resistance Set printhead resistance
^SS web, media, ribbon, length, int1, int2, sense, mediaSense, ledSense Set media sensors
^ST month, day, year, hour, minute, second, format Set RTC date and time
^SX condition, destination, set, clear, setting, port Set alert
^SZ version Set ZPL version (version 2 only)
~TA adjustment Tear-off adjust position
^TB orientation, maxWidth, maxHeight Text block
^TO from, to Transfer object
^WA receive, transmit Configure wireless antenna
~WC Print configuration label
^WD path Print directory label
^WE mode, index, authType, keyType, key1, key2, key3, key4 Configure WEP
^WF retries, motion, protect, format, type Write RFID AFI or DSFID byte
^WI res, ip, mask, gateway, wins, timeout, secs, arp, port Modify wireless network settings
^WL mode, username, password Configure LEAP
~WL Print network configuration label
^WP oldPassword, newPassword Set wireless password
~WQ query Write query
^WR rate1, rate2, rate55, rate11, power Set wireless transmit rate
~WR Reset wireless radio card
^WS essid, mode, preamble, pulse, interval, mask, international Configure wireless radio card
^WT block, retries, motion, protect, format, verify Write RFID tag
^WV enable Configure RFID write verify
^WX securityType, parameters Configure wireless security
^XA Start format (alternate command: 0x02)
^XB Supress backfeed
^XF path Recall format
^XG path, magnificationX, magnificationY Recall graphics
^XS length, threshold, gain Set dynamic calibration
^XZ End format (alternate command: 0x03)
^ZZ seconds, immediate Printer sleep