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- Hardware reverse engineering
- Software reverse engineering
- Protocol reverse engineering
- Finding vulnerabilities and writing exploits
- Novel data visualization for hackers and reverse engineers
- Bypassing security and software protections
- Attacks on cryptography in hardware and software
- Techniques for any of the above on new or interesting architectures
- Wireless hacking (We aren't talking about wifi here)
- If we did't think of it and it's in those line!


2022/05/12The talks of Recon 2022 have been selected! Full schedule and description comming soon. The presentations are:

- Beyond AlphaGolang: Automated hunting based on reversing Go binaries by Juan Andres Guerrero-Saade
- Pulling MikroTik into the Limelight: Demystifying and Jailbreaking RouterOS by Harrison Green and Ian Dupont
- Dotnetfile: parsing .NET PE files has never been easier by Yaron Samuel
- Reversing an M32C firmware -- Lesson learned from playing with an uncommon architecture by Philippe Laulheret
- Exploring a New Class of Kernel Exploit Primitive by Andrew Ruddick and Rohit Mothe
- Zooming in on Zero-click Exploits by Natalie Silvanovich
- Detect Me If You Can - Anti-Firmware Forensics by Takahiro Haruyama
- Under the hood of Wslink's multilayered virtual machine by Vladislav Hrčka
- A Dirty Little History: Bypassing Spectre Hardware Defenses to Leak Kernel Data by Enrico Barberis and Pietro Frigo
- Samsara Metamorphic Engine by Michael Grube
- Function overrides, from a Security mitigation to a fully-fledged Performance Feature in Windows by Andrea Allievi
- Analysis of a nation-state Chrome exploit by David Manouchehri
- The Mysterious Life of an Exception by Fabian Freyer and Marius Muench
- The Next Generation of Virtualization-based Obfuscators by Tim Blazytko and Moritz Schloegel
- Malware Wars: DarkSide Strikes Back as BlackMatter by Lindsay Kaye and James Niven
- Living Off the Walled Garden: Abusing the Features of the Early Launch Antimalware Ecosystem by Matt Graeber
- Researching the Unisoc baseband, like in the army by Slava Makkaveev
- Reverse engineering of black-box binaries with symbolic and concolic execution techniques by Jannis Kirschner(Workshop)
- Breaking the Glass Sandbox: Find Linux Kernel Bugs and Escape by Valentina Palmiotti
- When Wireless Malware Stays On After Turning Off iPhones by Jiska
- Project TEMPA - Demystifying Tesla's Bluetooth Passive Entry system by Martin Herfurt
- Instrumenting system applications on Android stock images (followed by a workshop) by Vitor Ventura